ProductCamp Minnesota

PCamp 2012


Date: October 20, 2012
Location: University of St. Thomas
Minneapolis, MN
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Proposed Sessions
Session Title: Be the Business, not just the Product.  Live at the intersection of the Product, Marketing and Delivery
Presenter: Jeff Eckerle; Kevin Palmstein
Description: Product management is not just about working with the teams that deliver the products we evangelize, but we sit in the middle of organizations translating market needs in messaging and delivering tangible, customer-focused products. Unfortunately, this is exactly where the two worlds collide with each other.
Session Title: Connected: Requirements Gathering &Estimating
Presenter: Bob Brude
Description: Put away your flip charts and markers.  When results really matter engage your technology. In a legacy facilitated meeting a single leader or a scribe records group input on a flip chart.  This serial
recording usually is a bottle neck to productivity–I know you’ve been there. It really slows down the group, and quite frankly wastes valuable time.
Session Title: Connected – Strategic Planning
Presenter: Bob Bruce
Description: Put away your flip charts and markers.  When results really matter engage your technology.  In a legacy facilitated meeting a single leader or a scribe records group input on a flip chart.  This serial recording usually is a bottle neck to productivity–I know you’ve been there. It really slows down the group, and quite frankly wastes valuable time.
Session Title: Find the Good in Really Bad Ideas
Presenter: Katie Konrath
Description: Creativity experts like to say that all ideas are good.  But those of us in the real world know that’s simply not true.  But when you shut down a truly awful idea, bad things happen: people get defensive, creative energy drops and no one wants to volunteer new ideas.  So how do you keep the creative energy going when someone on your team comes up with something truly terrible?
Session Title: Finding the best Ideas- A different way to recognize innovative ideas
Presenter: Joe Dellaria
Description: If your idea sorting process is not delivering profitable products, you are not finding the best ideas. Doing the same thing will give the same result. If you want a different result, you have to do something different. This interactive discussion will probe “a different way” to identify ideas leading to innovative products.
Session Title: How to get a job at a Major software company even
though you are not a geek or nerd
Presenter: Kay Roseland & Joan Watson
Description: Joan Watson and Kay Roseland share their unique
both-sides-of-the-fence perspective on networking and job search.  Come hear how the interviewee met her key contact at PCampMN.  More uniquely, hear how the employer managed the interview process and served as a key recommendation.
Session Title: How to use LinkedIn (Really)
Presenter: Joseph Scott
Description: Most of us are LinkedIn members but how many of us employ a daily strategy of purposeful connection, regular content dissemination and monitoring?  This workshop will show actual examples of how products and services have been sold by LinkedIn experts.
Session Title: Interactive dialogue around Social Media Case Studies
Presenter: Tyler Olson
Description: Are you interested in seeing business making money (or accomplishing other key objectives) through social media? If so, this is the presentation to attend. In this interactive dialogue, Tyler Olson (CEO of SMCpros, one of the fastest growing social media agencies in Minnesota) will showcase several first-hand social media case studies from multiple industries and will also facilitate a dialogue if any attendees have similar social media case studies they wish to present
Session Title: Listening between the Lines
Presenter: Kristin Oberhaus
Description: As product managers the most unseen, unrewarded, difficult task we perform is one that can make the biggest difference in our success.  That is the fine art of listening between the lines as our customers tell us what they want and we decipher what they need
Session Title: Nurturing Innovation
Presenter: Shivani Khanna
Description: Is Product Management really Innovation Enablement? And are we facilitating the process of nurturing purposeful invention with value?
Session Title: People-powered product development: how frank conversations can change your world
Presenter: Elissa Gjertson;  John Nielson
Description: Let’s be frank: product-dev teams are a diverse group… left-brain and right-brained people crashing together in the heat of a passionate process to meet many goals. Short of handing out helmets to everyone, frank can help. Toss the predictable, PowerPoint presentation! Our lively, interactive, frank workshop will deliver insights, tools and tactics to help you create team alignment, build excitement, and generate engagement during your product-dev process.
Session Title: Rapid Prototyping
Presenter: Joseph Scott
Description: Rapid Prototyping has been available since the mid-80’s and until recently, cost $100,000+ for equipment. In this session, we will get you familiar with desktop rapid prototyping options that are in the <$2500.   You will see one in action during the session
Session Title: The Seven ‘I’s of mobile product excellence
Presenter: Loring Harrop
Description: Learn the critical facets of creating a mobile app from the business perspective.It’s one thing to open a mobile app and know whether you find it useful or entertaining and another to know, from a developer’s standpoint, how to make the most of a mobile platform . . . but how does a business approach the development of mobile apps so as to achieve maximum return for the investment required.
Session Title: Think like a User Experience Designer
Presenter: Jason Hilton
Description: In this town hall meeting we’ll discuss the challenges of designing a great product experience for our customers. We’ll analyze common products to discover how user experience thinking influenced their design (or didn’t!) and learn how to incorporate those techniques into the products we work on every day. We’ll go beyond the market needs and product requirements to consider the end to end user experience and how to integrate user experience thinking into your everyday product management practice.
Session Title: What’s YOUR Favorite Question?
Presenter: Stacy Webber
Description: One of the most effective, pragmatic methods of market research and relationship building is to observe and interview customers and potential customers. While it may seem straight-forward, anyone who’s done interviews knows that finding just the right questions can be difficult. Join Stacey Weber (Instructor, Pragmatic Marketing) in a discussion to learn and share ideas for open-ended research questions that can help reveal the most valuable insights.
Session Title: Where does the platform go?
Presenter: Andrew Starks
Description: Solving market problems is what we do. Doing that more quickly and efficiently is how you become profitable and a big part of that is a healthy platform to leverage for future opportunities. Given that your customers don’t care about your platform or its health, how do product managers work with system architects, designers and developers to identify the platform within the products we manage and to use that platform to grow our profitability.
Session Title: Working with Mommy Bloggers in Marketing—A Blogger’s Perspective
Presenter: Jamie Heil
Description: Are you aware that Mommy Bloggers have become a powerful force in the world of marketing?  They are cheap, can spread the word quickly, and are generally considered trustworthy in their opinions of brands and products.  Most companies and marketing agencies, however, do not know how to connect with and use this unique resource to market their brands or products.  Through a combination of a presentation and panel discussion with Bloggers