ProductCamp Minnesota

PCamp 2014


Date: October 11, 2014
Location: University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, MN

A group of Product Managers with backgrounds for various areas within their organizations talk about the silos prior to product management and how they manage breaking down those silos in today’s world.

Moderated by Kay Roseland

Proposed Sessions

Test Driven (Product) Development

Matt Bjornson (@mattsbjornson)

I will discuss how innovative products can be designed and developed with stakeholders that are not even part of the same organization. We’ll look at practices that small teams can work together to build superior customer experiences. I’ll explore the process and lessons learned.


Matt Bjornson is the Studio Producer at DevJam, a leading agility and product thinking/design company. Over the last few years, he has worked with startups, large companies and non-profits to build interesting products that matter. He has chops with marketing, interaction design and agile development tools.

Valuing Product Workshop

Clyde Hanson (#Islesmark)

We will do a valuation of the intangible assets of a new product or technology platform using the income method during the workshop. Key choices: Economic life of the product, discount rates by types of buyers, net present value of free cash flow, and Relief of Royalty. Sources of royalty data and selecting and adjusting comparable licenses.


Clyde Hanson is an entrepreneur and marketing executive now focusing on valuations of companies, products, and intellectual property like patents, trademarks and brands.

He is a Certified Patent Valuation Analyst and a practicing member of the National Association of Certified Valuators & Analysts.

Improvisation: Unleash More Creative Ideas and Build Stronger Teams

Jim Barrett

This is not a lecture but a “hands on” workshop where you’ll learn what games and exercises improvisers use to sharpen their listening skills, become more spontaneous, quickly generate new ideas and improve collaboration. You will be able to use these tools in your own business after this workshop.


Jim Barrett is an, entrepreneur and improviser. He has performed at the Minneapolis Fringe Festival, Huge Theater, Brave New Workshop and the Minnesota State Fair. As founder of Leads4Growth, Jim has been providing creative service and tech companies with strategic business development support for over 10 years. This year he founded Improvisation4Growth, to help MDs, RNs, therapists and counselors to create real emotional connections with their patients and people suffering from addiction to lead new lives.

It’s Alive!

Curt McNamara

Every product, service, and organization is a living system. How can we consciously use knowledge from nature to make a better fit, evolve with the changing market, and match our offering to the client? Please join us for this interactive session.

Curt is a seasoned product designer and educator. He has created designs that last over 20 years, that are produced in the millions, and that have gone to market within weeks. He also teaches systems, innovation, and biommicry at MCAD. Curt is a Biomimicry Education Fellow.

A Plethora of Product Managers

James Payne (@jamesmpayne)

A brief presentation and open discussion about the many tasks and roles that a product manager is expected to perform. The use Product Management is becoming more popular in high tech and not so high tech companies. Is it just the title that’s becoming more popular?


Jim is a thirty year veteran at product management. He has managed computer hardware, software, services, and products that weren’t even products. He is prone to frightening his co-workers by telling them product management is a marketing discipline.

Digital Marketing

Bob Koehler (bobkoehler@wsidigitalaccess)

Today more than 86% of all searches done for new products and services begin online. Visibility is critical. Understanding how digital marketing works is the first step to creating a path to success for your new product. The path may include a website, one that works well on a phone or table as well. If your product is unlike anything else then generating awareness and interest through social marketing may make more sense. Understanding your wide range of options and how to develop the best strategies to meet your specific goals is important in today’s digital world.


Bob Koehler is a serial entrepreneur having started, run and sold four companies in the areas of sales & marketing, manufacturing and product development. Evolving to the digital space was a natural next step in his career as he began to understand that what was missing in the digital marketing space was a business first approach. Bob’s role as a partner in his agency is to first assess the business, its customers and assist with developing specific strategic goals. His partner Matt Timm is then responsible for using the best suited digital tools to meet these specific strategies.

Connected Facilitation: Product Strategy

Bob Bruce 

Put away your flip charts and markers. When results really matter engage your technology. In this workshop you will explore and experience the benefits of connected facilitation as it applies to facilitating a product strategy session. Bring your laptop or tablet to this session to experience the benefits firsthand. You’ll also learn about other applications for Connected Facilitation, and about your options to set up one of these amazingly productive work sessions.


Bob has been “around the block” (career wise that is) multiple times in leadership roles spanning product management, marketing, sales, product development, engineering, software development, and yes, even IT. He’s worked for large companies, family owned businesses, and venture backed startups. Names you may recognize locally include Honeywell, ADC Telecommunications, and Control Products, Inc. He’s currently a Business Architect with Trista Technology.

In each of these businesses and for each role, leading diverse teams to create a common exceptional work product has always been a challenge. Now by leveraging ubiquitous networking and common devices such as laptops, tablets & smartphones it’s never been easier.

Bob has developed a set of processes around off-the-shelf technology that he terms “Connected Facilitation”. He’s been practicing these techniques for over 10 years for common business team tasks such as strategic planning, requirements gathering and estimating, RFP response, Agile estimating poker, instructional design, and business planning among many others.

He’s excited to share some of these techniques with you at Product Camp Minnesota 2014.

Product Management Manifesto

Chris Barron

Make no mistake – this isn’t about being a Product Owner on a Scrum team in R&D. This is about being Agile as a Product Manager whether your R&D org is Agile or not.

Chris Barron is the co-founder of Huruda LLC, a fifteen year veteran of Product Management and Product Marketing, and a twenty year veteran of the software industry. Chris’ career spans a wide range of businesses from a three-person artificial intelligence firm to the likes of Oracle, Yahoo! and VMware – three of the largest software companies in the world. It also spans diverse technologies from Windows-based products on stacks of floppy disks to multi-platform enterprise applications to SaaS offerings running in the cloud.

Chris also possesses deep experience in Agile methodologies. In addition to his Product Management and Product Marketing roles (Pragmatic Marketing and Sequent Learning certified) at companies using Agile development methodologies, he served as Agile Scrum Master and Agile Product Owner roles for numerous teams (Scrum Alliance certified CSM and CSPO). As the Principal Consultant for Huruda LLC, he also trains and consults in Agile Software Development, Agile Product Management, and Agile Marketing.

The ABC’s of Corporate Blogging

Kay Roseland (@KayLoire)

Ever thought of turning a personal blog experience into corporate blogging? Come learn the differences and requirements of both!


Kay Roseland has an extensive background in marketing, along with an MBA in management from the University of St. Thomas. She started her blog Shareology in 2009, and joined Twitter five years ago. Along the way, she earned two certifications in social media. Her blogging experience, combined with having coffee with nearly every social media practitioner in Minneapolis-St. Paul, lead to a position with Infor as a Product Manager where she edits the blog From the Source.

Think Like a Strategist

Ann Krzmarzick (@AMKrzmarzick)

Wondering how to take ultimate advantage of your current opportunity and advance your career? In “Think Like a Strategist”, we will uncover things you can do without asking anyone’s permission. You can earn respect and authority by taking matters into your own hands and thinking like a strategist. 


Ann Krzmarzick is a Certified Product Manager and has a passion for getting innovative medical devices off the ground and into the market. She learned how to think like a strategist through total persistence and trial-and-error.

Bring a product to life and understand the global market

Suresh Sreeni

1) Bringing product to life: The hurdles and the elements that need to be considered in bringing a product to life, and sustaining
2) Understanding the global market: The opportunities and risks of the global market for leverage and expansions

“Suresh has been into leadership, management and entrepreneurship in IT, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Ventures.

Suresh has worked with Fortune 100 companies and others providing IT consulting, Product data management, solutions/product development, managing ventures globally. As a founder at YESJ EXPERT he has provided solutions to startups to large corporates including Target, Best Buy, 3M and governments.

Suresh Sreeni is currently managing a portfolio of product developments and global projects at AYEIM, a venture management firm. ”