ProductCamp Minnesota

Session Guidelines


ProductCamp Minnesota is completely different from most conferences you’ve considered attending. Everyone participates and contributes to the success of the event, right down to creating, presenting and leading the sessions themselves!

On the morning of the event, each participant will be asked to vote for the sessions that he or she would like to attend. The sessions with the most votes will be scheduled into rooms and everyone will fly off to their favorite sessions!

It’s exciting and unique, and it works because of you!

Session Formats

While there is no limit to the types of sessions you can offer or will see at ProductCamp Minnesota, there are a few formats that sessions can typically be grouped into. Remember, you can choose any format you like and you are not limited to the formats discussed here. This list is intended to help you come up with creative ideas, not to constrain you!

  1. Panel Discussion
    This popular format is usually led by a moderator and a panel of 3-5 topical experts. The panelists may or may not give an opening statement on the session topic, but the majority of the session is a Q&A facilitated by the moderator, using a combination of prepared questions and impromptu questions from the audience. The most successful panel discussions have a well defined topic, and rely heavily on audience questions.
  2. Presentation
    While ProductCampers tend to avoid traditional one-way “talking head” presentations, good speakers and experts can pull them off and deliver extremely successful sessions. If you are considering offering a session in this format, we suggest strongly considering whether another format might be a more engaging way to create an ongoing discussion in your topic area. If your topic really needs a traditional presentation, bring it on!
  3. Roundtable
    This format can take many shapes, but in general, participants break up into smaller discussion groups focused on a specific topic or topic area, and then present or discuss their findings with the group at the end. A moderator typically floats from table to table to help stimulate the discussion or contribute expertise and perspective.
  4. Town Hall
    A popular update to the less interactive “Presentation” format, the Town Hall typically leads with a brief presentation (15 -20 minutes) on a specific topic area and then transitions into an open discussion encouraging input, conversation and even debate from all participants. Town Hall sessions are consistently among the most popular ProductCamp sessions!
  5. Workshop
    In a workshop, the session leader introduces a topic or concept and the participants actively participate in an exercise to reinforce those concepts. Workshop participants generally leave the session with a strong grasp of the topic area and have an opportunity to apply their new knowledge immediately. If proposing this session, make sure your description includes details about the expected outcome of the workshop!
How to Propose a Session

Proposing a session is easy. Submit your session proposal today!