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pm-e1382010764608 Pragmatic Marketing’s training is based on the fundamental belief that a company’s products need to be grounded in a strategy that is driven by the market. We combine this core principle with a team of instructors who have real-world experience leading high tech product teams, to deliver training seminars that are informative, entertaining, and impactful.Our courses cover everything technology companies need to be successfully market-driven, from understanding market problems and personas, to creating effective requirements and go-to-market strategies. To find out how you or your company can join the growing international community of more than 85,000 product management and marketing professionals trained by Pragmatic Marketing, visit
2014 Silver Sponsor
proficientz The single most important competency for a high-performing B2B product management & marketing discipline isn’t learning how to build great products.  It’s gaining a comprehensive understanding of your target-customer organizations from the top down, their goals, and the biggest obstacles they face in meeting those goals at all levels.  The result is higher value business solutions and stronger value propositions.Proficientz offers the only product management & marketing framework that develops that competency in B2B product and service organizations.
2014 Recruiter Sponsor
techpro Tech-Pro is an information technology solutions company known for helping its clients achieve their business objectives. Global in scope, we provide experienced information technology and engineering professionals at the right time and the right place to meet our clients’ mission-critical technology needs.
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PCMN201210_Location_USTMBA Leverage an exceptional, relevant education with immediate rewards and ethical insight. Since 1974, the Evening UST MBA program has earned the respect of the Twin Cities business community by giving working professionals a path to advance their careers and providing employers with the global business leaders.